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Elsword Customer Support
  • How can i link my account to Steam?

    Download Elsword Online through Steam. Once you click “Play”, a pop up should appear that will ask for your Elsword account information. Once you have submitted this, your Elsword account will now be linked to your Steam account.
    Note: You can only link Steam accounts once and this action is not reversible. Not all Elsword accounts can be linked to Steam accounts.

  • How can I change the password/email address of my account?

    • Click "Login" on the upper part of the website.
    • Input your Elsword account details.
    • After logging in, click "Manage Account".
    • Click the "Edit Profile".
    • Click either "Change Email" or "Change Password".
    • Input the required details.

    Note: If you have forgotten the Secret Answer for your account, please file a ticket via Support Page in order for KOG Games Support to assist you.

  • I bought K-Ching, how come it doesn’t show in my account?

    There are cases where your load up could be delayed and most of the time it depends on the payment gateway being used. You may need to wait for 2 to 4 hours and check if the K-Ching has been reflected on your account. If you still haven’t received it after the waiting period, please file a ticket via the Support Page.

  • How can I use the gifting feature?

    In order to access gifting, your account should meet all of the following criteria:

    • Any payment method with an accumulated payment total of $100, apart from Offerwall transactions (AdGatemedia and Peanut Labs).
    • Your character should be level 99.

    * Note that you will only be allowed to gift 50 times per month, 20 times per week and 15 times or 5,000 K-Ching per day once gifting is enabled on your account.

  • Is there a way to help me restore my Item?

    • First, please check if your Item is eligible for restoration by checking our Restoration Policy:
    • If your Item if confirmed eligible for restoration, please file a ticket via Support Page so that we can assist you in restoring your Item.